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The Video Game Sector in PEI: Build something great in a secure business environment with one of Canada’s highest employee retention rates. Prince Edward Island’s overall business expenses are 20 to 30% lower than other North American locations (according to the KGPM’s Competitive Alternative Study) making it the perfect place to expand your video game studio.

Growth in PEI

Population: As of July 1, 2021, PEI’s population is estimated to be 164,318. This represents a 1.9% annual growth rate. Positive Growth: PEI is Canada’s only province to show continued economic growth since 2008, and that economic performance was resilient through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic as well. Wholesale trade advanced 2.8% and investment in building construction remained robust, up 7.3% on a year-to-date basis through July 2020.

Your Studio Works Here

  • Low-Risk Jurisdiction within Canada
  • Quarterly Labour Rebate for all Video Game business functions.
  • First office location through LaunchPadPEI
  • Local education programs working with industry
  • Skilled and available talent pool
  • Affordable Housing Location
  • Collaborative federal, provincial and municipal support

PEI’s Video Game Sector:

The video game sector in PEI continues to grow in size and prominence. Video game companies in PEI benefit from world-class mobile development talent, highly-competitive business costs, marketing and capital assistance, and partners and programs to help you succeed.

PEI’s business incubators, LaunchPad and Startup Zone, offer first-year office space, entrepreneurial services, access to investors, and sponsorship support for Canada’s Start Up Visa Program.

PEI’s Video Game Labour Rebate:

We offer a unique and innovative approach to help studios. A labour rebate is much more flexible than traditional tax credits.

PEI’s Video Game Labour Rebate:

  • Rebate on labour expenditures based on PEI
  • Easy claiming process – no complex filing
  • Quarterly claiming process to ease cash flow
  • No limits on job functions
  • Companies are pre-approved before costs are incurred

PEI-based Video Game companies:

Ryan Filsinger

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