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We provide funding to support approved costs to install broadband infrastructure that will deliver high-speed internet access in Prince Edward Island. Applications will be accepted from residents, businesses, communities, and internet service providers (ISPs) proposing a broadband project to increase Internet service levels, improve access, and expand consumer choice, specifically in underserved areas of the province.


PEI residents with no access to service or experiencing slow internet speed (below 50 Mbps) may be eligible for financial assistance towards the cost of an Internet service provider (ISP) to improve internet access at their primary residence.

Internet Service Providers:

An ISP installing broadband infrastructure that will improve internet access to a community, increase service levels, and/or improve consumer choice may be eligible for PEIBF support where costs will be incurred for broadband network construction and deployment, including “last mile” and/or backbone infrastructure. Projects reaching underserved civic addresses will be prioritized.

Accelerated Internet Service Provider Pilot:

This pilot contributed up to 90% of the eligible costs, to a maximum contribution of $150,000 for a project approved for funding.

A total budget of $1,000,000 was allocated to this pilot.

This pilot is no longer accepting applications.


A PEI for-profit or not-for-profit business may be eligible for support for costs incurred for new or upgraded internet services to their business premises.


A community requiring increased service levels or improved access to areas that are underserved or without service may be eligible for support for proposed broadband improvement projects.

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