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Bennett McCarvill

Bioscience Business Development Officer

Introducing our new Bioscience Business Development Officer, Bennett McCarvill!

Ben McCarvill is Innovation PEI’s Bioscience Business Development Officer, where he works to support new and existing businesses & entrepreneurs implement their ideas to commercialization within our province’s flourishing bioscience sector. 
With a background in life sciences research & development, biologics manufacturing, and project management, Ben is ready to leverage his experience and solution-based approach to advance your business development initiatives and to help you capitalize on emerging market opportunities.

Outside of the office, Ben enjoys playing live music with his pals, swimming at his favourite island beaches, indulging in culinary delights, and discovering hidden gems at home and abroad. Being raised in a large family of storytellers equipped Ben with a natural keenness to actively listen and learn, which he carries with him in his role at Innovation PEI.

Ben reminds himself that the only way to eat a metaphorical elephant is one bite at a time and that small steps lead to big changes.