The PEI Art Bank Collection

At Innovation PEI, we recognize that Arts and Culture hold an important role in the development of our economy from attracting tourism by enticing visitors to come to PEI and explore our culture, to ensuring we maintain a strong and vibrant arts community by offering support to encourage our local artists to continue to create. 

Our Cultural Development Team works together with cultural organizations and creative industry associations, providing initiatives that promote and encourage professionalization, organizational capacity, and the ability to expand services, access to training, and artistic experimentation.

Applications are currently open for the PEI Art Bank Collection until February 15th, 2023,  inviting Island artists to apply to have your work considered for acquisition. 

Below are some of the wonderful pieces of art that have recently been accepted into the PEI Art Bank Collection

“I am beyond delighted to have some of my textile work as part of the Island art bank. Knowing all the pieces are hanging and accessible, (not vaulted) makes this an important, historical, and perpetual visible legacy of fine Island art.”

-Nancy Cole

Artist: Nancy Cole; Title: “Lamentations”; 

The province established the Prince Edward Island Art Bank in the early ’80s.  It was created to support and encourage visual artists living in Prince Edward Island.

The art collection is obtained by purchasing, donation, gifts or bequests, and the acquired pieces can be found on public display in provincial buildings throughout the province.

Professional visual artists or craftspeople living in Prince Edward Island for the past 12 consecutive months, are invited to apply to have their work considered for acquisition for the PEI Art Bank Collection.

“I was so pleased that my artwork was chosen to be part of the PEI Art Bank. My piece, ‘skylight’ reflects on the connection I felt to the natural world that surrounded my childhood home.”

-Tessa Rose Rankin

Artist: Tessa Rankin; Title: “Skylight”; 

PEI Art Bank Acquisition

The Prince Edward Island Art Bank is a working collection with most items displayed in reception and high traffic areas of public buildings and is also available for educational use. To be considered for acquisition, your work must be suitable (in form, size, condition and media) for immediate accommodation in a public space. 

Artist: Rilla Marshall; Title: “Channels: Tracadie Bay, Darnley, Saint Peter’s Harbour, Hog Island”

“My handwoven work highlights a significant story of change within Prince Edward Island’s vulnerable coastal landscape. The PEI Art Bank collection demonstrates the value of visual artists in the exploration of our Island culture and environment, and I am honoured to have my work included in this collection.”

– Rilla Marshall

“I often see my artworks as checkpoints of my journey on earth. “Refiner” reflects a defining moment in my life where the trials of life felt overwhelming, leaving me to turn to my faith in Jesus, “The Refiner.” This piece was created to represent those moments of hurt and pain in life but also to shine the light on the hope of believing in God.” 

-Niyi Adeogun

Artist: Niyi Adeogun Size: 24in x 30in Medium used: Digital Completed: 2020-11-04 Location: TBD Titled: "Refiner - 267"

Title: “Refiner”;  Artist: Niyi Adeogun

Artist: Jamie Germaine; Title: Rolling Ashore

“Many talented and creative Island artists submit their work to the PEI Art Bank and I was honoured to have had my ceramic wall piece, “Rolling Shore”, selected for this collection in 2022. It’s a wonderful opportunity to have my work part of a permanent public display.”

– Jamie Germaine

Cultural Development Team, Innovation PEI