Mitchell Industries

Located in French River, Prince Edward Island, Darrin Mitchell is making waves in the manufacturing industry at home and around the world.

We had the good fortune to spend the morning with him and Vincenzo Repaci to learn how they’re taking industry norms and turning them on their heads to improve best practices leading to  success in the manufacturing industry.

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Darrin Mitchell: Mitchell Industries PEI

Darrin Mitchell:  Mitchell Industries

After 22 years of dealing with challenges in the manufacturing industry, Darrin Mitchell sold his company last Christmas and started Mitchell Industries immediately after.  Mitchell Industries is designed to help companies access best practices in manufacturing.

After the initial first step of building the technology, he focused on mobile friendly and easy to access information.  By doing this, he says we have the ability to dominate the world by access people and tech we didn’t have 20 years ago.  A true testament to that is his team.  He has a scalable technical team, 31 film crews and a content development team.  There are no limits to accessing a talented workforce and skill set to support any type of business in Prince Edward Island.

Some of the challenges to running a business in PEI is that the province is mainly small, rural and not always next to suppliers, but it’s forced him to think differently and find new and innovative ways to overcome these challenges.

Thinking differently is what you need to succeed on the global stage today!”    – Darrin Mitchell


The first flagship platform for Mitchell Industries is Manufacturing Masters, and currently has 2100 active users.  There is a form PEI professor working with them to take the best practices and expertise and magically transform them in to 5 minute bite-sized learnable pieces of information and learning.  Going forward, they hope to have built a learning management platform for organizations that are looking for best practices.

Darrin’s best advice: “Be committed because it’s lonely. No one teaches that.  If you want to be unique, it means no one else is doing it. You need the people that will help with connections and challenge your ideas.”

“Being cheap is a dead-end road. There will always be someone cheaper.  You have to be able to see how you can add value to your customers.” – Darrin Mitchell

Left to right: Darrin Mitchell and Vincenzo Repaci

“Ask yourself, what is the real problem? Am I really making a difference for my customer, and how can we solve this efficiently in a way that nobody else can do?” – Also Darrin Mitchell

What to know something cool?

There is an old bell lying on a giant wood table in the middle of the room.  Whenever a new company joins, they ring the bell to celebrate!
Maybe someday soon, they’ll ring the bell for you!
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