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More funding for Island businesses

Innovation PEI is temporarily increasing funding to eight programs to support PEI businesses impacted by COVID-19. Read on…

Capital Acquisition Assistance

The Capital Acquisition Support provides financial help to Prince Edward Island businesses in getting the infrastructure needed from start-up to international exporting.

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Small Business Investment Grant

The Small Business Investment Grant helps Prince Edward Island’s small businesses improve efficiency and innovation by way of a non-repayable financial contribution toward eligible capital asset costs.

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Information Technology Implementation Assistance

The Information Technology Implementation Program contributes funds toward the cost of implementing the new IT strategies recommended through the Information Technology Planning Program or a similar assessment.

Information Technology Planning Assistance

The Information Technology (IT) Planning Assistance is for helping new and existing Prince Edward Island small businesses get advice to estimate the information technologies needed for their business.

Human Resources Implementation Assistance

The Human Resources Implementation Assistance is designed to help new, existing and growing Prince Edward Island business. This will build value in your small or medium sized company through strengthened human resource skills.

Human Resources Planning Assistance

The Human Resources Planning Assistance is designed to help your company to develop long-term human resource policies for the recruitment and retention of employees.


Marketing Assistance

The Marketing Support Assistance helps Prince Edward Island businesses with their marketing costs from start-up through to international exporting.

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Web Presence Assistance

You may apply for financial assistance to establish a website if your business or industry association does not already have a web presence. This funding is a non-repayable contribution to design, develop, and host a website as well as to register a unique URL domain name.

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