2022 PEI Business Spotlights

Our PEI Business Spotlights tell the stories of Prince Edward Island’s innovators, creatives, risk-takers, and trailblazers. This year, we visited local businesses across the Island to share their experiences and endeavours to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. From a lobster-tracking startup to a new film production company to an oyster micro-photographer, we love sharing the stories that make up the Island’s unique and vibrant business environment.


Read a few of our 2022 PEI Business Spotlights below!

Our 2022 PEI Business Spotlights

PEI Bag Co.

PEI Bag Co. has been in operation since 1935 and they’re more than just burlap bags. They package and bag everything from agriculture to aquaculture to confectionary. The company is currently Island owned and operated by the descendants of the original founders Leslie F. Simmons, Lorne H. MacFarlane and Silas H. MacFarlane. 

Startup Zone

This year, the Startup Zone is introducing many new things. They have a new team, new board members, a new strategic plan, and a new branch of programming. The new faces, perspectives, and direction create a lot of new opportunities.

PEI's most Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs: International Women's Day 2022

 On March 8th, 2022, International Women’s Day we celebrated the women entrepreneurs in Prince Edward Island for their strength and determination to work toward their goals as they pave the way with inspiration for future generations of women.

63 Lights Entertainment

“I really like meeting all the new people that seem to come out of the woodwork to film a new project and creating new relationships.   It’s a big machine that requires a lot of cooperation, vehicles, extras, it’s a very intense environment for about a month and then we all go our separate ways until we come together again for another project.  I love seeing the different places on the Island you never knew existed while scouting new locations.” – Jeremy Larter

Kirk Arsenault and Ken Driscoll of Sofistofish and Lobtrak


Kirk Arsenault and Ken Driscoll, Ignition Fund recipients, are making waves with a new and innovative technology called Lobtrak. Lobtrak is a lobster tracking technology that fishermen can use to record fishing efforts, catches, and locations while analyzing external environmental factors such as weather and more.  Using real-time data, it will help capitalize on marginal gains, accomplishing more in less time as fishermen are able to maximize their time and resources while minimizing time on the ocean.

The Lost Pixels

The Lost Pixels are a team of professional game developers with experience working on some of the biggest IP’s in the world, offering Animation, Concept, Tech Art, VFX, Art Direction and Software Engineering. They’ve grown to 11 team members, and they are currently operating out of the LaunchPad space in the Atlantic Technology Centre in Charlottetown.

PEI Business - the lost pixels
Kirk Arsenault and Ken Driscoll of Sofistofish and Lobtrak

Double R Manufacturing

Located in the heart of Prince Edward Island, Double R Manufacturing has been building and improving a game-changing and time-saving piece of equipment for farmers across the continent for over twenty years. In 2000, Paul Fox and his family moved to Prince Edward Island from New Brunswick looking for new opportunities. With a background in welding, Paul was ready to use his experience and work ethic to start his own business. Paul purchased a building in North Tryon, PEI, and put his skills to work manufacturing farm equipment.

Mitchell Industries

After 22 years of dealing with challenges in the manufacturing industry, Darrin Mitchell sold his company last Christmas and started Mitchell Industries immediately after.  Mitchell Industries is designed to help companies access best practices in manufacturing. After the initial first step of building the technology, he focused on mobile friendly and easy to access information.  By doing this, he says we have the ability to dominate the world by access people and tech we didn’t have 20 years ago.  

PEI Business - the lost pixels
Kirk Arsenault and Ken Driscoll of Sofistofish and Lobtrak

Live Here, Work Anywhere

Parth Chaudhari is a Client Services Specialist at Questrade, who works from his home in Charlottetown, PEI, and he enjoys the emphasis that the company puts on work/life balance. He also appreciates the effort and activities that his team puts in to get to know each other and stay engaged. “We have bi-weekly virtual meetings with the team and other monthly fun activities, and it just elevates the remote work experience and you’re getting an opportunity to connect with your team members.” 

Oyster Art Studio & Gallery

 Located in Tyne Valley, Prince Edward Island, Debbie Brady is an accredited professional photographer and owner of Oyster Art Studio and Gallery. Debbie uses Macro photography techniques to reveal hidden beauty in oyster shells from across the Island and the world!

PEI Business - the lost pixels

More from princeedwardisland.ca

PEI Arts Grants Profile: Reequal Smith

Reequal Smith held her breath, opened her email, and hoped for the best.

“I was very nervous. But when I read the good news, I was ecstatic,” says the 28-year-old who moved from the Bahamas to PEI in 2016 to study dance at Holland College.

Smith’s application for a PEI Arts Grant had been approved, giving her the funding she needed to develop her idea for a performance that showcased her dance and choreography.

Startup business supported by Ignition Fund

Thanks to the Ignition Fund, Rachael Sonola, will be able to further develop Sonola Sweets’ products for the wholesale market.

“This fund will facilitate our production phase, as we perfect our formula and prepare to launch in stores,” said Rachael Sonola. “We look forward to becoming a household brand and providing authentic Afrocentric foods to the world.”

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