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Opportunity is waiting in Prince Edward Island for you to enjoy a unique and unparalleled lifestyle.

Our Island boasts a breathtaking atmosphere that only a coastal province can provide. Matched with clean air and safe, welcoming communities, you will find an environment as unique as our Island culture. 

Quality of Life

Our people leverage the advantages of our small province to create a lifestyle they truly value. In fact, a 2018 poll study confirmed 90% of Islanders believe their quality of life to be either “excellent” or “good”. PEI is such a special place that last year alone, over a million people chose it as their vacation destination. Those of us living here get to benefit from the Island’s charming way of life every single day – enjoying endless opportunities for adventure year-round.

Opportunity is waiting to…

  •  Find the space you need to support a balance between work, relaxation, and adventure.
  •  Settle roots and raise your family in a tight-knit community that is welcoming, clean, safe, and supportive.
  • Join a community that gives back – 40% of Islanders volunteer their time across the Island. Well above the Canadian average of 35%.
  • Bring more time to your day, ditch the daily commute and instead spend time on what is meaningful and valuable to you. Over 50% of Islanders live within 7km from their workplace. 
  • Take in the beauty of local art, music, theatre and craft, exploring the Island’s rich culture.
  • Live life outdoors and explore and experience all four seasons – Over 700km of active transportation paths, over 400 golf fairways, and over 800km of beautiful beaches along the Island’s shoreline.
  • Taste the Island, and enjoy the many culinary experiences across PEI where talented chefs serve up the best local ingredients and the Island’s agriculture, seafood and meat products.
  • Bring the full you, adding to a rich, increasingly diverse culture and what it means to be an ‘Islander’.


Environment and Recreation

With idyllic rolling hills, white and red sand beaches, fields of green and gold, and open space galore, Prince Edward Island is known worldwide for its natural beauty. Our landscape and environment has helped shape our Island way of life for many years. People are drawn to our province by the beauty and charm but stay for the accessibility to the great outdoors and the opportunity to explore. 

No matter where you live in PEI, you are minutes away from the tranquility of our island beaches. Beaches people plan their vacations around.

In PEI we experience four full seasons, and no matter the time of year there are endless opportunities to explore: 

    • Discover fantastic walking trails, boardwalks, and cycling paths that span the Island.
    • Spend your summer days golfing championship golf courses, boating or kayaking our deep blue waters, or cycling from town to town and exploring the Island.
    • Snow typically begins to fall in November. On Average, the Island experiences a total annual snowfall of 290 centimeters.
Summer temperatures average between 20 and 34 degrees Celsius. Fall temperatures range between 8 and 22 degrees Celsius. Winter temperatures range between -3 to -11 degrees Celsius. Spring temperatures are usually mild, ranging from 8 to 22 degrees Celsius.

Our Climate commitment – PEI is committed to some of the most aggressive climate action commitments in Canada, including reaching the goal of Net 0 emissions by 2040. 

Interested in learning more about how Islanders are supporting these targets?

Education for the Future

Parents can be sure their children will have access to quality education in Prince Edward Island. With a total student enrollment of just over 20,000 learners across the Island, students benefit from small class sizes, excellent support resources and facilities. All 62 public schools in PEI are governed by one of the province’s two school boards and follow the same high-quality curriculum.

In PEI, the Public Schools Branch is responsible for 56 English language schools spread across the province. While  La Commission Scolaire de langue francaise is responsible for 6 of the Island’s French-language schools. PEI’s culture is deeply connected to its Acadian history and francophone communities. Children in PEI have the option to experience their education in French or English from kindergarten through to twelfth grade. 

A recent Pan-Canadian Assessment Program shows that 92% of students in PEI performed at or above the national average in mathematics, Island students also achieved scores amongst the highest in Canada in both science and reading. A testament to the quality education delivered across our Island schools. 

Two PEI high schools also offer students the opportunity to enroll in the International Baccalaureate program. An internationally recognized, and challenging two-diploma program that aims to develop critical thinking skills and prepare students for post-secondary study and beyond.

International Baccalaureate at Colonel Gray International Baccalaureate at Charlottetown Rural

For parents that are interested,  PEI currently has five private schools.

Post-Secondary Options 

University of Prince Edward Island – The Island’s only university offers high-quality educational experiences to over 5,500 students from over 92 countries. UPEI offers certificate, diploma, undergraduate, and a growing number of professional graduate programs.

Holland College – The college provides hands-on industry-focused training to over 2,500 students across the province. Currently, the college offers over 60 training programs across 13 campuses Island-wide. 

Collège de l’Île – As a French-language post-secondary institution in Prince Edward Island, Collège de l’Île offers nine college-level programs, customized training for individuals, businesses and organizations, as well as language training in French and English.


Child Care

The experiences children have early in life have a direct impact on their overall growth, development and well-being. To support parents in accessing care for their children, the province of Prince Edward Island created the PEI Early Learning & Child Care Registry, providing parents and guardians with an easy way to search, and sign up for early learning programs and child care across the province. 

  • PEI’s early learning & child care system ranked #1 in Canada
  •  Early learning and child care model includes high-quality early years centres that have regulated parent fees, a wage grid for early childhood educators, parent advisory committees, and funding for children with special needs;
  • The Island’s publicly managed system approves new licenses based on community needs;
  • early years centres follow a provincial curriculum;
  • all staff must be certified

Early Childhood Development Association of PEI – A provincial, non-profit organization committed to promoting and supporting quality development programs and services for island children and families


Health PEI is responsible for the delivery of publicly funded health services across Prince Edward Island. The organization and all island healthcare workers are committed to providing quality healthcare to all islanders, where they need it and when they need it. 

The organization’s primary goals are to : 

  • Provide Islanders with safe, quality, person-centered care and services
  • Provide access to appropriate care by the right provider in the right setting 
  • Optimize resources and processes to sustain a viable healthcare system

The organization operates 7 Hospitals, including 2 Acute Care Hospitals, and 1 Psychiatric Hospital. Health PEI also operates 26 community health sites, and 9 long-term care homes across the province.

Cost of Living

Prince Edward Island’s ease of access to amenities and outdoor adventures, combined with our quality of life offers high value at a lower cost than many major cities.

Depending on which community you call home, the 2021 market basket threshold for a family of four in Prince Edward Island was listed between $44,753 and $46,5551. Lower than many other urban cities including Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Halifax.

With more money in your pocket, you will be able to spend more on what is important to you.

Check out our cost of living comparison tool to learn more.

Housing Cost Comparisons 

Explore housing costs in different areas of Prince Edward Island, as well as housing costs in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island compared to other larger cities in Canada: 



    Prince Edward Island’s culture comes from our unique place and people, each with a proud heritage. Our culture is defined by our Island traditions, built heritage, natural environment, our recreational spaces and pastimes, and by the work of our vibrant arts and creative industries. 

    Living in PEI means choosing a valued and balanced way of life rich in experiences and opportunities to learn, explore and grow. 


    Prince Edward Island’s breath-taking beauty and supportive creative community is an inspiration for artists and craftspeople across the globe, leading to our thriving art scene. We’re renowned for storytelling through our proud traditions of music, dance and theatre. With venues big and small across the Island, there is no shortage of incredible experiences to take in.

    →  Discover PEI theatre, music, and dance on stages across the Island.
    → Take in Island artwork at galleries and studios across the Island.


    Festivals and Events

    Whether you’re joining the crowd for a big music festival, enjoying a small town ceilidh, shopping in a holiday market, or sampling local cuisine, there’s always something to celebrate in Prince Edward Island.

    → Learn more at



    There’s no shortage of ways to get involved on Prince Edward Island. Whether you like to spend your spare time volunteering for causes you are passionate about, exploring new hobbies and creative outlets, or playing sports competitively or recreationally, you’ll find the people, spaces, and support you need to do just that.

    → Sports and Recreation in PEI 

    → Volunteer Opportunities in PEI




    Across Prince Edward Island, you’ll find award-winning restaurants and culinary experiences to assuage your appetite, discover local ingredients, and find out why we’ve earned the name Canada’s Food Island:

    → Explore Island Restaurants

    → Craft Breweries & Wineries

    → Culinary Experiences


    People and families across many cultures and backgrounds call Prince Edward Island home. Learn more about the organizations, businesses and interest groups that play an important role in strengthening PEI’s communities and cultural fabric. 

    For a full list of Ethno-Cultural Organizations in Prince Edward Island, visit IRSA PEI. 


    With breath-taking views, safe communities, short commutes, a vibrant arts and culture scene, and a unique blend of urban commotion and rural camaraderie, Prince Edward Island has a quality of life that is unmatched.

    Opportunity is waiting in Charlottetown… Located in Queens County along the South Shore, the streets of downtown Charlottetown are lined with exceptional restaurants, art, culture and the people that make this city a community that is safe, clean, and full of energy.

    The capital city is home to thriving independently-owned small-business, world-renowned companies and first-class education institutions including the University of Prince Edward Island, Holland College, the Atlantic Veterinary College and the Charlottetown family of schools.

    If you are working or living in Charlottetown, you are minutes away from the nearest golf course, beach, a 1.2 km boardwalk along the waterfront, and amazing restaurants. In Charlottetown, you can find everything you need, likely only minutes away. Does it get any better?

    Learn more by exploring Discover Charlottetown!

    Population (38,809)
    Median age (40.8)
    Median home price ($435,000 single family YTD)
    11 minutes to Charlottetown Airport (YYG)
    5 minute drive to the Hospital
    11 minutes to nearest beach
     7 minutes to golf course

    Opportunity is waiting in Stratford. Located in Queens County and connected to the Charlottetown core via the Hillsborough bridge, the Town of Stratford has experienced significant growth since the mid 1990’s with an influx of new residents.

    Predominantly a residential community, Stratford has also experienced significant commercial development. The residents of Stratford take great pride in their properties and enjoy access to many community and recreational programs and parks. Children of residents are enrolled in the Charlottetown family of schools, and Stratford is also home to many childcare facilities including the Stratford campus for the Island Montessori Academy. There are plans for a new high school in the Stratford school zone set to begin soon!

    Charlottetown Airport: YYG ; Hospitals and medical services ; Education; Pownal Minor Hockey; Golf PEI; Great Charlottetown Chamber of Commerce; Community Navigators

    Population (10,927)
    Median age (40.4)
    Median home price ($525,000 single family YTD)
    11 minutes to Charlottetown Airport (YYG)
    5 minute drive to the Hospital
    11 minutes to nearest beach
     7 minutes to golf course


    Opportunity is waiting in Cornwall… Located in Queens County, and one of PEI’s fastest growing communities, the Town of Cornwall is a growing hub for young professionals and families.

    Located in Queens County, and minutes west of Charlottetown, the Town of Cornwall is home to great restaurants, retail and fantastic sports, recreation and outdoor experiences. Cornwall is home to the Bluefield family of schools and early learning centers including the Cornwall campus for the Island Montessori Academy.

    Being located along the Islands main transportation route makes traveling to and from Cornwall to explore the rest of the Island easy. In the Town of Cornwall you will find a welcoming community.

    Other popular links:

    Charlottetown Airport: YYG; Hospitals and medical servicesEducationNorth River Minor Hockey ; Golf PEIGreater Charlottetown Chamber of CommerceCommunity Navigators

    Population (6,574)
    Median age (38.8)
    Median home price ($450,000 single family YTD)
    15 minutes to Charlottetown Airport (YYG)
    15 Minute drive to Hospital
    10 minutes to nearest beach
     10 minutes to golf

    Opportunity is waiting in Summerside… As PEI’s second largest city located in Prince County, Summerside is home to many of the amenities you would expect to find in larger centers. Known to residents as the city by the sea, there is a lot to do and explore in Summerside.

    Residents enjoy the city’s beautiful water views, safe neighbourhoods, parks and green spaces. The revitalized downtown core is home to great shopping and restaurants, arts and culture. Summerside is also home to the Three Oaks family of schools and the Holland College Summerside Waterfront Campus and the Atlantic Police Academy and the Marine Training Centre.

    Other popular links:

    Charlottetown Airport: YYG ; Hospitals and medical services; Education; Summerside Minor Hockey; Silver Fox Yacht Club; Golf PEI; Things to do; Community Navigators; Slemon Park

    Population (16,001)
    Median age (46.8)
    Median home price ($330,00 single family YTD)
    46 minute drive to the Charlottetown Airport
    3 minutes to nearest beach
    5 minutes to golf

    Opportunity is waiting in the Town of Three Rivers… In 2018, the Town of Three Rivers which is located in Kings County, brought some of the Island’s smaller communities together including, Montague, Cardigan, Brudenell and Georgetown.  It is home to beautiful scenic views, challenging golf courses, beautiful beaches, local art and shopping. Residents enjoy a rural lifestyle with amenities you expect to see in larger centers. Students enroll in the Montague Family of schools and the nearby community of George town is home to the Holland College Georgetown Campus.

    Other popular links:

    Georgetown & Cardigan Minor Hockey, Montague Minor Hockey, Montague Curling Rink, Montague Family of Schools Golf PEI Tourism PEI Things to do Community Navigators, Rural Action Centre Community Navigators Kings County Memorial Hospital Eastern Chamber of Commerce

    Population (7,883)
    Median age (44.8)
    41 minute drive to the Charlottetown Airport
    14 minutes to nearest beach
    5 minutes to golf

    Opportunity is waiting in Souris… Located in Kings County, the town of Souris offers residents a laid-back lifestyle and access to some of the province’s nicest beaches and beautiful coastline. The people of Souris are proud and love their community. As a major service center for eastern PEI, and home to Souris Regional School, the beautiful town of Souris is a place to enjoy a rural lifestyle and set down new roots.

    Other popular links:

    Tourism PEI, Things to do, Community Navigators, Souris Minor Hockey Association, UPEI – School of Climate Change & Adaptation, Souris Harbour Authority, Souris Hospital Eastern Chamber of Commerce

    Population (1,079)
    Median age (51.2)
    60 minute drive to the Charlottetown Airport
     12 minutes to nearest beach
    7 minutes to golf course

    Opportunity is waiting in the Town of Alberton…Located in Prince County, the rural community has its roots in agriculture and fishing. Roughly 50 minutes from Summerside, and 1.5 Hours from Charlottetown – those who call Alberton home enjoy the benefits of a rural lifestyle. Alberton is home to Westisle Family of Schools and the Holland College West Prince Campus.

    Other popular links:

    Town of AlbertonAlberton Disc Golf, Tourism PEI, things to do, Westile Family of Schools, Golf PEI, Rural Action Centre, Western Hospital, Holland College West Prince Campus, West Prince Chamber of Commerce

    Population (1,145)
    Median age (49.6)
    1 hr 30 min drive to the Charlottetown Airport
    6 minutes to nearest beach
    15 minutes to golf

    Over 300 years ago PEI saw the arrival of the first French and Acadian settlers. Today, there are six Acadian and Francophone communities spread across PEI. More than 19,000 people speak both French and English, and over 4,500 people reported French as their mother tongue – making French the second most spoken language in PEI.

    Close to 50% of public schools across PEI offer French Immersion while La Commision scolaire de language française operates six french language schools throughout the province, while College de L’ile provides french language post-secondary training opportunities.

    For French-speaking individuals, new to PEI, La Cooperative D’integration francophone de I’lle du-Prince-Edourd works to support their settlement and integration in their new communities.

    French Speaking Communities

    • Summerside/Miscouche
    • Rustico
    • Charlottetown
    • Souris
    • Evangeline
    • Tignish

    Other popular links: La Cooperative D’integration francophone de I’lle du-Prince-Edourd, Public Schools of Prince Edward Island, Wellington Rural Action Centre, RDEE Ile-Du-Prince-Edouard, Chambre De Commerce Acadienne Et Francophone De L’I.-P.-E.


    What is it really like to live and work in Prince Edward Island? Hear it from those who have chosen the Island as their home.

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    Prince Edward Island is a beautiful place to live, offering a balanced lifestyle and many opportunities for business success. With a growing list of sectors, we have what you need to start and grow your business here. 

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