Joan Turner Adams
Business Development Officer – Bioscience
(902) 569-7584








Meet Joan Turner Adams, our Business Development Officer specializing in the Bioscience sector.

Joan was born and raised in Indian River. Her career began in Alberta but we’re happy to have her back with us in PEI for the past 25 years. Her favourite part of her job is working with passionate and innovative clients… yep, this could be you!

Outside of work, Joan’s incredible style finds her designing both interior and exterior spaces inspired by her love of architecture.

She once travelled to South Africa. She found it humbling to be immersed in the world of wild animals, realizing humans are the only ones who set themselves apart, as animals only see us merely as either predator or prey.

A quote that resonates strongly for her is from Sandra Odendahl – a chemical engineer who works in investment banking, explaining the importance of innovation and diversity.

It’s a fundamental fact that you can’t get innovation from a group of people who all think the same.